Quad Copter Frames

Q450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame450mm.

The Q450 is a well thought out 450mm quad frame built from quality materials.

Q550 Glass Fiber Hexacopter Frame 550mm.

The Q550 Frame is a well thought out 550mm hex a copter frame built from quality materials.

Flight Controllers

KK Multicopter Board

This board also uses a user programmable Atmega168PA IC. This is a flight control board for 4 rotor Aircraft (Quadcopters).

Flight Controllers

KK2.1 Multicopter Controller

The KK2.1 is the next evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards and has been engineered from the ground - up to

Brushless Motors

Brushless Outrunner Motor - (Type 950kV, 1000kV, 1200kV, 1600kV)

The brushless out - runner will provide more power with its high efficiency, long run times. This quality motor is

Electronic Speed Controls (ESC)


This brushless ESC includes programmable motor braking, soft start for helis and planes, timing, throttle input range and low - voltage cutoff.


2-Blade Propellers–(Clockwise & counter clockwise)

This is a set of two plastic propellers, one normal and one pusherreverse).You'll need 2 x propellers & 2 x Pusher propellers

3-blade propellersType(5030,7050)

The package contains a pair of 3 blade propellers (1 Clockwise and 1 Counter - Clockwise). Available in two sizes 5030 (5" x 3") and 7050 (7" x 5"),

lipo battery and charger

LiPo Battery and Charger

Li-Po Battery

Lithium - Polymer(Li-Po) Battery for robotic applications. It can give great instantaneous discharge current upto 44A.

LiPo Battery and Charger

Li-Po Battery charger

LiPo battery fast charging with wide AC input. An internal 100 -240V AC switch power is built in, and the high precision balance circuit can supply larger current up to 850mA per cell.

6 channel Rc remote

6 Channel Transmitter + Receiver

DMSS™ (Dual Modulation Spectrum System) is an innovative 2.4GHz transmission protocol that offers high - speed response

Battery Connectors

XT60 Connector Pair

These connectors are made from high - tempnylon with gold plated sockets molded in.The shape of the XT60 prevents reverse polarity,

Dean T Connector Pair

These connectors are made from high-temp nylon with gold plated sockets molded in. The shape of the Dean T prevents

Bullet Connector / Banana Plug

Bullet connector or banana plug has a diameter of 3.5mm.It is designed to carry high current. The connector pair when plugged in